Andrew Bush, photographer


When I was much younger, I remember my dad telling me that I should do a photography project where I take pictures of people who are sitting in cars next to me at stoplights. At the time, I told him, “I can’t’t do that! People will get mad!” But I secretly did think it was a really cool idea. I think he just wanted me to catch people picking their nose but I thought it would be interesting to catch people’s expressions at such an unassuming and everyday moment. Andrew Bush has done just that! Except these photos seem to have been taken as these people were driving by. I think I need to do some research on this guy because his bio on the website is impressively large and he seems to be very well known. And he was born in St. Louis and has a collection at the St. Louis Art Museum. I might just have to go check him out next time I am home.


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